Benefits of hiring Fire Claims Solutions

Experience, Knowledge, and Professionalism

Fire Claims Solutions advocates for the policyholder’s rights in estimating and negotiating an insurance claim to assist clients in maximizing their insurance policy to receive a higher settlement offer.

Fire Claims Solutions team of experienced and dedicated licensed public adjusters, estimators, and staff take the burden of dealing with the insurance carrier by compiling an in-depth analysis of the losses sustained.

Fire Claims Solutions is not only the Leading licensed public adjusting firm in New England but also a leader within the insurance industry. All of our adjusters have spent years working directly for the insurance companies and understand how they operate.  We hold the highest standards when it comes to our staff and take great pride in the accomplishments of our highly specialized team.

Would one go to court without a lawyer or want the IRS preparing their taxes? Of course not, so why would dealing with an insurance carrier be any different?

Roles and responsibilities
of a licensed public adjuster

  • Comprehensive and detailed review of your insurance policy in order to verify coverage
  • Inspection of the loss site
  • Analyze damages and determine replacement costs and actual cash value by working closely with an Fire Claims Solutions estimator.
  • Compile important and time-sensitive documents to support the claim.

After you have sustained a loss the Burden of Proof is on you, the policyholder. A licensed Public Adjuster assists by taking that burden off your hands. Burden, because that’s exactly what it is a “Burden”. A public adjuster will put together and submit a claim to your insurance company and negotiate a settlement on your behalf, to represent you and your interests in your property/business, not the insurance company.

What We Do

Free consultation at your property

Complete review of current insurance policy

Schedule meetings with your insurance company

Ensure insurance company gives you the coverage you deserve

Settle your claim much faster and for a larger amount

Get a free damage inspection at your property, and no obligation review of your current insurance policy.