Wildfire insurance claims, how a public adjuster can help

As the frequency and intensity of wildfires continue to rise in New England, homeowners and commercial property owners may be left to face the devastating aftermath of these natural disasters. Property damage caused by wildfires can

What you need to document in an insurance claim

Experiencing property damage can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for any property owner, whether it’s a business or a high-value home. Documenting the damage is essential for insurance claims and restoration efforts, but it

Extreme cold means frozen pipes and water damage

When temperatures dip to extreme cold, your property is at risk from frozen pipes and water damage. Our public adjusting team is here to help home or business owners who find themselves dealing with significant

Do you own a home in Florida?

It has been more than two weeks since Hurricane Ian slammed into southwest Florida. Property owners in the Fort Myers area are faced with widespread destruction from the powerful hurricane. Wind and storm surges destroyed

REPORT: 7 tornado safety myths to avoid

A recent report by The Weather Network shared seven dangerous myths about tornadoes that you must avoid. Summer means the risk of tornadoes increases in Ontario as warmer air brings in storm fronts that can

How to recover after a house fire

A fire at your home is a devastating experience. They can be deadly and often lead to significant damage to your home and your belongings. It is a good idea to have a plan for

Deadly derecho leaves path of destruction in Ontario

A deadly derecho swept through parts of Ontario over the weekend, killing at least eight people. The storm happened Saturday, taking down trees, overturning vehicles, and leaving a 1,000 km path of destruction. A derecho

What does a public adjuster do in an insurance claim?

Public adjusters play a critical role in property damage insurance claims. A public adjuster does not work for the insurance company; they represent the property owner throughout the claim. Most property owners are not aware

Winter weather means an increase in risk of fire damage

With cold temperatures, snow, and ice, the risk to your property increases significantly. Winter months are a time when people use a fireplace, woodstove, and furnaces are working overtime to keep you warm. That typically

How to choose a public adjuster

Hiring a public adjuster for help with a property damage insurance claim can save you countless hours of work and thousands of dollars. Hiring the right public adjuster will give you peace of mind as

7 things your property insurance adjuster may overlook

Public adjusters from Fire Claims Solutions can give you a second opinion about any type of property insurance loss claim. Whether your property is commercial or residential the typical first step is to contact your

5 things you need to do if your property is damaged

Whether you own a home, one hotel, or a corporation with more than 100 properties, disaster can wreak havoc on your business or your home. Most people will call their insurance company after suffering some

5 ways to maximize your property damage insurance claim

Fire Claims Solutions is New England oldest and most trusted public adjusting firm, with more than 90 years of experience in guiding our clients through any type of insurance loss claim. Here are 5 ways Fire Claims Solutions

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